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Post by , July 14th, 2017

Express Connect is the Smartest and Easiest way to organise a moving home. From Electricity to Carpet cleaning we have you covered for your new home.

What is Express Connect

  • No more need to shop around, Since ‘Express Connect” connects  you with leading service providers to make your move the experience it should be – Awesome.
  • To connect utilities, simply select the services you are interested in and one of our Movologists will let you know what plans and services are available at your new address.
  • We can help you organise your energy and water accounts, sort out your broadband and source obligation free quotes from a range of cleaning and maintenance service providers.

What’s a Movologist?

  • A mov-ol-o-gist is a moving expert. Let’s face it, moving is stressful and sometimes things don’t go to plan, this is why we allocate you a personal ‘Express Connect Movologist’ to provide support throughout the entire moving journey. In short, we’ve got your back.

What does it cost?

  • Using Express Connect is absolutely free. All you need to do is contact us, because all we want to do is make your move stress free

Service available: 

Electricity – Save time by applying for your electricity connection online. As a result you can received discounts for multi-service connections.  We partner with leading retailers and help you choose the right plan.

Gas – If you have a gas connection, than it’s best to bundle it with your electricity so you can qualify for a great discount.

Broadband – Did you know it could take 2-3 weeks for the internet to be connected at your new home? Express Connect can help you choose the best broadband plan for you and fast track your application.

Pay TV – Interested in getting Foxtel? We can help. Rather then applying online let us help.

Cleaning & Maintenance Services – From cleaning, Gardening and those odd jobs before you move, Express Connect can you help you source a range of obligation free quotes from leading providers. While providing you with the best service possible.


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